Sina Kaden

Yoga Teacher & Physiotherapist





Sina Kaden

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  • Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)
  • Licensed Physiotherapist (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
  • Certefied yoga therapist (Agama yoga)
  • Thai Massage (Sunshine Network)

Professional experience:

  • Yoga teacher for different yoga schools in Amsterdam
  • Teaches anatomy and physiology for yoga teacher trainings
  • Physiotherapist at the private practise Corver fysiotherapie
  • Owner of Yogaschool Noord

Since young age I have a passion for movement, sport and psychology. This passion brought me in contact with yoga 10 years ago. It changed my body- and self awareness profoundly. I deepened my yoga practice while travelling in India and living in a spiritual yoga center (Ashram) which layed the foundation for my Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in 2008.

During this time I experienced the positive physical, mental and spiritual benefits which makes my life more joyful and conscious.

I have been practicing and studying many different forms of Meditation and Hatha Yoga, including Mindfulness Meditation, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and YinYang Yoga.

Inspired by these yoga styles and different teachers,  I teach a combination of dynamic and static Asanas (poses). This brings balance and unity of the dual aspects of activation & relaxation and strength & flexibility within us. 

My physiotherapeutic background make my sessions safe and down to earth. They are gentle and challenging at the same time whereas the focus is set on the breath. Yoga classes will be customized on your individual needs, moods, physical conditions and wishes. 

The therapeutic aspect of the human body brought me to the physiotherapy study in Amsterdam. My work experience as a physiotherapeut gives me a profound understanding of the human body and its functions which is an important part of my yoga practise today.

Yoga being part of my physiotherapy treatments showed the beneficial effects of healing and recovery. Inspired by the success of the treatments, I did the Yoga Therapy Training in Thailand.

This training deepened my knowledge of yoga as a complementary healing therapy. I love to this way of treatment because it gives tools to supports the human being in its own healing process. Scientific studies show that yoga is effective for physical pain such as lower back pain and osteoporosis as well as stress related diseases and for hormonal and emotional disbalances. ( read more here)

Another aspect of healing is the power of touch. Thai massage is a wonderful massage to feel the pressure and stretches.