Sina Kaden

Yoga Teacher & Physiotherapist





Class Structure

Classes will include different aspects such as: 


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The Asanas are physical exercises, which work on the whole body by stretching and strengthening each the muscles of each body part. The asanas are performed with the focus on internal awareness and synchronized breathing. They have an influence on the physical body as well as the spiritual capabilities. It can be stated that asanas tone the nervous system, improve circulation, release tension and increase flexibility and strength.






Prive yogales amsterdam sina kaden

The term Pranayama comes from 'Prana' and means breath or life energy. In a physiological sense it is considered as inhalation, exhalation and suspension,  strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving respiratory capacity. It can energize and increase concentration and, on the other hand, calm the mind and release muscular tension by harmonizing the sympathetic nervous system.




Prive yogales amsterdam sina kaden

Another important aspect of the yoga practice is Savasana meaning corpse pose, which is referring to the motionless resting position. In this pose one goes into deep relaxation and in combination with deep breathing it has been shown to significantly reverse the physiological effects of stress.




Prive yogales amsterdam sina kaden

Dhyana means meditation and is characterizes by inner stillness and concentration. It integrates techniques such as observing one’s own breath or thoughts to come to a state of self-awareness and inner calm.