Sina Kaden

Yoga Teacher & Physiotherapist





Private yoga class, because you're worth it...

Too busy...

Many people have irregular and fast changing working hours or a stressful job and are simply too busy to travel to a gym or studio. Private yoga classes can conveniently adhere to your schedule and allow you to stay at home after a yoga session. If wanted you can even enjoy a yoga session at your work place.

Individual and private


In an one-to-one session you don't need to compare or compete yourself, rather enjoy the absents of distractions. Private classes are always customized and adapt to your mood and energy level. This allows for a physical workout on the upbeat days, or a restorative session on mellow day.

Yoga for the first time


Yoga beginners often feel overwhelmed by all the new movements, poses, breathing techniques and the pace of a class. During an one-to-one yoga sessions students benefit immensely from receiving full attention for adjustments for a safe practise and allowing to take breaks when needed. A private session helps to develop self-confidence as well as relaxation.

Advanced and want to deepen your practice


Perhaps you have done yoga intensively already and are interested in the ancient and broad teachings of yoga. Maybe you want to investigate into more advanced poses, pranayama or receive detailed adjustments with anatomical background information. Private lessons allow to tailor the teaching to your specific desires and needs.

NO risk of injuriesNo pain, more gain...

In a private yoga session, you get special attention on proper alignment and adjustments and will never left on your own. With my  physiotherapeutic background, the poses will be instructed and adjusted safely.

Sometimes people get very ambitious and competitive in a group setting and try to attempt to do the full version of a pose before their bodies are actually ready. Individual sessions help to buid up a pose step by step without any pressure of performance.

Injuries or special conditions

Due to my physiotherapeutic background, the private yoga classes are customized to your individual and specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, stress or emotional dysbalance. In this way a special set of Asanas (exercise) can be created to support the healing process.

Additionally it makes you gain more awareness of repetitive and habitual patterns that cause pain and unbalance in the body.

Something to take home...


A regular yoga practise is the key for physical and mental improvement. Within an individual session, sequences of energizing and relaxing yoga sets can be composed to be able to practise  at home according to your mood, energy level and time.