Sina Kaden

Yoga Teacher & Physiotherapist





Yoga Styles

Yin Yang Yoga - Relax and strenghten

Yin Yang classes work on the dual qualities of the active and dynamic yang practice and the restorative and relaxing yin practice. 

The yang in the movement works on strengthening and vitalising the muscles, and the yin opens and stretches the deeper tissues such as connective tissue and fascia around the joints an organs. This class will bring both qualities into balance and harmony.

Yin Yoga - Reduce stress & heal

Yin yoga is developed by Paul Gilley and Sarah Powers. It is in opposite to the dynamic yoga forms, very slow and restorative. The practise targets the deeper connective tissues such as ligaments, fascias and bones. The postures are hold for longer time (4-6 minutes) to work on these deep layers, flexibility and relaxation. This practise is the most healing and balancing practise for the autonomic nervous stystem.


Physio Yoga - Yoga for the back

These classes offer an intensive training for stability and loadability of the back. It will be worked on a balance between tension and relaxation, strength and flexibility, a healthy posture and discovering the movements of the spine and pelvis. The classes are preventive and for recovery of back pain. The last years research showed that yoga helps effectively against back pain.